New Seafoods from New Zealand

Nutraceutical Ingredients

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods offers a diverse range of high quality innovative marine based nutraceutical ingredients.

We can supply both New Zealand and Internationally sourced ingredients, selected based upon the highest standards of product and ingredient quality.

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods is firmly committed to working together with our customers to continue to provide and source market leading and innovative products.

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Our Product Offering:

  • Ling maw powder(rich source of pure natural collagen)
  • Blue/black shell mussel powder
  • Oyster powders
  • Paua powders 
  • Shark cartilage powders 
  • Collagen powders from New Zealand Fish Skins 
  • New Zealand sea cucumber powder 
  • Astaxanthin

The following products are available: AstaMAZ® Astaxanthin Oil 5%  AstaMAZ® Astaxanthin Oil 10%  AstaMAZ

Other extracts from sea weeds from New Zealand

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.